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Volume 12, Issue 1 Year 2018
Antoniadis I., Saprikis V. & Karteraki E., Patterns of usage of Social Network Sites The case of YouTube 1
Charalampidou T, Magoutas A & Chountalas P, The Influence of Foreign Direct Investment on Managerial Efficiency: The Case of Kleemann Hellas 13
Chytis E, Tasios S & Arnis N, Factors affecting Firm Performance in periods of Financial Crisis: Evidence from the listed on the Athens Stock Exchange Food Companies 29
Dimopoulos A, ‘From studies to employment’ Significant factors that apart from job market shortage affect graduates’ employability. The importance of employability-soft skills 37
Efthimiopoulos K, Sinatkas I, Nikolaou . & Mpatos P, Automated System for Exam Management 56
Faruna T. & Folinas D., Evaluating a humanitarian supply chain network: Empirical findin gs from the HIV/AIDS program in Nigeria 65
Folinas D., Mylonas D. & Kourtis P., Teaching warehousing: Why not using a simulation tool? 79
Katarachia A., Social Economy and Entrepreneurship in Greece: Institutional Changes, Challenges and Complications 91
Loulos V., Giarmas V. & Aidonis D., Strategic supply chain design: a foresight based approach involving the middle management 104
Popović D., Vidović M. & Bjelić N., A Hybrid VNS/LP Approach to Solve Production Scheduling of Fruit Juice Beverages 118
Saprikis V. & Antoniadis I., An empirical investigation on University students’ perceptions toward contactless card adoption and use for financial transactions 131
Spyropoulos T, Innovation Mapping and Business Choices: A model for Innovation Management & Marketing 145
Spyropoulos T,Innovation Marketing, From Idea to Start Ups: A Holistic Literature Review 160
Tsiaras S, Assessing the impact of the economic crisis on regional development in Greece, focusing on the Forest Sector 175
Tzatsi S, Magoutas A & Chountalas P, The impact of marketing expenditures on economic performance: The case of agricultural processed products industry 186
Vasis, C., Arabatzi, E., Sinatkas, I., Nikolaou, A. & Mpatos, P., Design and Implementation of a Print and Readout System and Results Processing 200
Wozniak M., Karafolas S. & Gkantzios N., Loan and equity-based Crowdfunding a comparative analysis of Greece and Poland 210
Yakavenka V., Vlachos D. & Bechtsis D., Blockchain Impact On Food Supply Chains: A Critical Taxonomy 221