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Volume 11, Issue 1 Year 2017
Drakou I., Measurement Methods of inequalities in health services 1
Giannouplaki D., Kolokotronis D., Maggopoulos G., Educational Scenarios: from the theoretical framework to their implementation in classroom reality 14
Kagara E., Voyiatzis C., Why are protective measures imposed on international trade? 24
Kazanidis I., Moussiades L., he use of Pair Programming in the Object Oriented Programming Instruction 40
Korres K., Discovery learning – constructivistic approach using Mathematica as a cognitive tool: Which form of application is more effective in university Mathematics’ courses? 48
Nikolopoulos S.D., Tzilira E.V., Herding Investment Behavior in the Greek Stock Market 63
Oikonomakos P., Voukouti L., Tsipouri L., Entrepreneurial quality: some evidence from Greek public policy 73
Karakitsiou A., Mavromati A., Machine learning methods in tourism demand forecasting: Some evidence from Greece 92
Tsihouridis Ch., Matsagos K., Batsila M., Developing a research tool to evaluate basic factors of Vocational Training Institute courses and educational practices 106
Matzakos P., Davi I., Zogopoulos E., Evaluation of the training program “Administration of educational units” for the executives in the field of education organized by E.E.P.E.K. 119
Polyzou M., Kilindri S., Conflicts in Hospitals: A quantitative Analysis of Determinant Factors 129
Polyzou M., Kilindri S., Polyzos D., Analyzing the main characteristics of Conflicts in Greek Hospitals 143